om swastik belpatra

 Question: Where Should I message you?

You can Contact through form.

Should I email send you an email?

Answer: Yes, you can send an email  at .

Question: What should I write in email?

Answer: In the letter or email, you should
 1) describe your problem,
 2) attach a photo,
 3) write your personal information (Surname, Name and middle Name, date of birth, city, present place of living)
 4) if you can, info of all the people involved, 
 5) other necessary information and
 6) specify clearly what you want.

We'll send you a response, and let you know whether We accept the task of solving your question! You can ask again if you didn't get your reply.

Question: will you give me answer?

In the case of an affirmative response, We will specify the cost of the service, monetary value and the conditions of its effect in the physical world.

We can set the channels of connection, even without a photo, but it is much easier for us to work with one. It's desirable to receive a recent or most recent possible photo on which are the eyes can easily be seen.

In the event that several people are involved, it is desirable to receive photos of all of them!! but not mandatory.

ATTENTION: If suddenly, you have not received the answer to the letter during 3 days, please send the letter repeatedly on the above email address  or try to send the letter from another  e-mail addresses.

Question: What is your address?


Dinesh Bishnoi
645, Street no 10,
Aggarsein Colony
Sirsa - Haryana
PIN 125055

Question: Do you live here?

Answer: Yes. I do.

Question: Can I meet you?

Answer: Anytime. It's Better you confirm this website before coming coming here. I may be busy in some personal work somewhere out of the city. Mostly I stay here and meet the commoners.

What is your Phone mobile or contact  number?

Answer: 09812045620

If you calling from abroad: 0091-9812045620

The best time to call on this number is in between 3 p.m.  To 5 pm (I.S.T.) (+ 5.30 GMT ). You can also call on other times. Replying everything on phone may not be possible as we don't use third party services for any correspondence or conversation.

How to Reach us?

To came here you can search Google.