om swastik belpatra

What is the Kundalini Tantra

The need for  Self-actualization : Self-actualization is a fancy term, but actually it's quite easy: It means 'becoming what you are capable of becoming.

Benefits of Kundalini Activation

Inside the vertebral column, there are seven lotuse located on the Brahma Nadi. These are known as Chakra (spinal centres). Each lotus possesses different number of petals and also a distinct colour.

Different ways to activate Kundalini

There are several means to this goal - through Mantra, through Diksha ( or transfer of Divine energy from Guru to disciple), Kriya Yog, Prannayam, Ras Vigyan (use of consecrated and Samskarised mercury) and even Ayurvedic herbs and potions.

Preparation for Activation of Kundalini

Remember, one should never attempt such activation himself since such practices if performed without being guided by a Guru create various problems. Once it so happened sometimes that a disciple who gained some preliminary knowledge of this activation from me and then on returning back to his home, he started trying to activate his Kundalini Shakti.

Muladhar Chakra

How you can awake (Jagran) Muladhar Chakra (Root Center) of Kundalini  through Tantra Mantra

Swadhishtthan Chakra

Swadhishtthan Chakra This Chakra is located in the vertebral column just opposite to the penial region. In meditation, this Chakra is visualised as a vermilion coloured lotus having six petals. This semilunar Chakra is the symbol of  Water element.

Manipur Chakra

Inside the vertebral column, this Chakra is situated just opposite to the naval region. This ten petalled lotus is of blue colour. The Yantra of this Chakra is triangular in shape and it represents the fire element.

Anahat Chakra

The relative position of this Chakra inside the vertebral column is just opposite to the cardiac region (heart). This red coloured lotus possesses twelve petals and it represents the Air element.

Vishuddha chakra

nside the vertebral column this Chakra is located opposite the throat region. This lotus of smoky colour possesses sixteen petals and it represents the sky element.

Agya Chakra

In Brahma Nadi (enclosed by vertebral column) this Chakra is located just opposite the mid spot between the two eyebrows.

Sahastrar Chakra

Beyond these six Chakras at the upper termination of the spinal cord, is the thousand petalled lotus; the abode of Lord Shiva (supreme being). When the Kundalini Shakti unites itself with the supreme being, the aspirant gets engrossed in deep meditation during which he perceives infinite bliss.

Kundalini Mala

Kundalini Rosary (Mala) helps in awakening Kundalini. Just wear it.