om swastik belpatra


1. To help and create a generous Modern Tantric awareness in community which is based upon a shared vision of honoring and supporting each other in their unique expression and personal path to Self Discovery.

2. To make common people as a Spiritual aspirant.

3. Fulfilling The needs:

a) Physiological needs are to do with the maintenance of the human body. If we are unwell, then little else matters until we recover.
    - through Health Sadhna, Muladhar Kundlini jagran Sadhna, Guru Sadhna/Diksha.

b) Safety needs are about putting a roof over our heads and keeping us from harm. If we are rich, strong and powerful, or have good friends, we can make ourselves safe.
    - Black magic Removal, Dusmahavidya Kavach, Sudarshan Chakara Sadhna, Luxmi and Kuber Sadhna

c) Belonging needs introduce our tribal nature. If we are helpful and kind to others they will want us as friends.
    - through Vashikaran sadhna, Vashikaran diksha, Any of the Das Mahvidya diksha or Sadhana

d) Esteem needs are for a higher position within a group. If people respect us, we have greater power.
    - through Vishist guru Diksha

e) Self-actualization needs are to 'become what we are capable of becoming', which would our greatest achievement.

i) Self-actualization, which is realizing one's own potential, as above.
through Kundalini Jagran, Guru diksha

ii) Transcendence, which is helping others to achieve their potential.
through Guru hridyasth Dharan Diksha, Guru Sadhna, Brahmand Bhedan diksha.

iii) Need to know and understand, which explains the cognitive need of the academic. through Guru rahasya Sidhi Sadhna/Diksha

f) The need for aesthetic beauty, which is the emotional need of the artist.
    - Apsara Sadhna, Gandharva diksha

4) Our Mission is to improve people and Organisations to significantly increase their performance capability in order to achieve worthwhile purpose through understanding and living Ancient Indian Styles and Leadership.

5)To uplift and inspire people to discover and awaken the Infinite Potential that lives in each one of us by sharing tools, practices and teachings that empower people to create balanced lives and deeper Self awareness.

6) To present Tantra Yoga as a relevant and accessible modern Path of Self Discovery and Transformation, making full use of available practices and its rich history as a System of Spiritual Advancement.

7) through its content strives to create a better human being, by cultivating ideas and values, spreading love and peace in this World to make it a better place to live; nurture peace and harmony, to have a human understand other, more importantly understand himself and realize his true potential.

8) is dedicated to help drive away sin, suffering and pain worldwide.

9) We are dedicated to supplying quality holy and religious items that are properly blessed by Vedic and Tantric Priests in a Traditional Vedic and Tantric Temple in India for use in Puja, Healing and Self empowerment. These items are supplied at a reasonable cost for the benefit of the humanity. Not to earn profit more than the manufacturing of a product or proceeding like Havan/Homam/Yagna.

10) is dedicated to supporting the Vedic and Tantric Temple and sharing knowledge on all Holy and religious items.

11) is a Specialised Spiritual Counseling Service offering Customised Tantra, Mantra and Yantra solutions globally.

12) is a part of Non-profit organisation, having people who masters the art of Tantra.

13) All our Spiritual Yantra, Rosaries (Malas) are energised specifically keeping in mind the situation of the Disciples. We nurture the well-being of the entire human family by promoting spiritual understanding and elevated actions towards a better world.

14) has a few future plans which will be helpful in conserving a vast knowledge though audios, videos and books. Most of the money earned by the website is be used for Coming Generations. A part of the money is used for the smooth running of Ashram office.


Clear expectations
Build respect for the other's time
Offers more efficient use of resources assessment
Build beneficial working relationship
To focus on best advice and solutions

साधू गाँठ न बाँधई उदर समाता लेय।
आगे पाछे हरी खड़े जब माँगे तब देय॥