om swastik belpatra

You can chose one of the following methods:
You can use credit card to make payments, however our system also enable users to create accounts and pay by alternative offline or direct payment means, such as ::

• Cheque
• Direct debit
• Electronic money
• Postal money order

The financial part of a transaction is processed in real time.
Your Credit card info is not stored in Our Records.
Credit cards are processed by International well known payment gateways like Paypal.

A PayPal account could be funded with an electronic debit from a bank account or by a credit card at the payer's choice. It let you know if credit card was declined or might be done later as part of the fulfillment process.

If you are a registered member on website , your order will be considered as pending if you haven't paid or chosen the offline method to pay until you pay for the same. You can delete this order later, in your Account information if you don't wish to pay.

If you are not a registered member than you do not get automatically registration by filling ordering form in if order is pending.

If you are not a registered member than you get automatically registration by filling ordering form in if order is completed online.

You can register after incomplete order payment . This incomplete request order will be mapped to your user account. You might need to send a request via mail or sms for the same.

Can someone call me on my mobile number?

We will never call you, before placement of any request or order by you, for any thing except unless we need to inform something to you. This Generally happens when you have already made a payment and we find unable to fulfill the said procedure and we need to revert back the payment but it is a very rare occasion.

You can pay by the following procedures. Any order above Rs 1000/- should be prepaid. We invest in the said procedures only after receiving the donation or expenses.

Never transfer money to those who hide themself behind walls and you have a doubt about their identity.

All the contact numbers, address are valid. IF you need to know the details please visit "contact us" Page

The Diksha is granted free of cost by Pujya Gurudev. The prayer expenses money goes towards charitable causes. If you want to Donate please make a Donation in Favour of Nikhileshwaranand Foundation, Sirsa.
Every act of magic requires a great deal energy! The simplest equivalent of energy in the physical world is money! That’s why the cost of services is directly proportional to the difficulty of the task!
It is you who are spending the energy, not We! Question: Is it possible to pay half or after the results have taken place? Do not ask! IT will NOT be working! We cannot just perform half of the task!
Payment is made one time only, in full amount, and clearance and protection are always included in the price.
We assume personal responsibility for my work and if We take the job, We guarantee a result.

Short diagnosis of your problem – FREE OF CHARGE
Answers to questions about life. Predicting the future – $300 USD and up
Removal of curses and evil eye etc. – $300 USD and up
Love spells – $300 USD and up
Business magic – $600 USD and up
VIP services and elimination of competitors – $800 USD and up
Corporate Solutions – $1, 000 USD and up
Personal meeting – $5 USD

Internet Banking or Deposit

SBI Account # 000000-311465-47796
Account Name: Dinesh Bishnoi
Branch Name: Sirsa Main Branch (HARYANA) 00719.
NAME OF THE BANK: State Bank of India.

International Funds Transfer or Miscellaneous Forex Outward Remittance facility to India can be seen in your bank account.


Western Union / Money Gram Transfer

Name of Person: Mr. Dinesh Bishnoi
Address: Dinesh Bishnoi,
645, Street No. 10,
Aggarsein Colony,
Sirsa. Haryana (PIN - 125055)
Tel: 91- 9812045620

Cheque/ Money Order/ Cash/ Demand Draft

Dinesh Bishnoi, 
645, Street No. 10, 
Aggarsein Colony, 
Sirsa. Haryana (PIN - 125055)
Tel: 91- 9812045620

Important note:

We do not accept from paypal. 

Remember the email for sending any amount through other services is