om swastik belpatra

Tantra is a style of living and meditation. Tantra practitioners or Tantriks are known for their supernatural powers derived from their knowledge of Tantra and its devotional practice. Proper recitation of mantras help invoke the natural forces to produce the desired effect.

"Tantra Sadhana" or tantrik meditation and worship helps one attain many supernatural powers.

These powers may be used for good or for bad purposes or for liberation of soul. This website is for an introduction to this Hindu (Indian) ancient style of Meditation particularly tantrik.

Nature has created several mystical and esoteric items for the well being of mankind. These tantric items are beneficial to gain better health, wealth and ovear prosperity in life. Tantric Items are used in Tantra and various esoteric rituals. Belief in Lucky Charms dates back to the ancient times, when men wore amulets, or carried mascots to ward off evil influences, increase positive influences and attract good luck and Deities.

What we do?

We provide these accustomed amulets, charms, rosaries, methodology, solutions, rituals and much more to the common mass.

About this Website?

This website helps to gain an insight of your (Hindu) cultural roots. It also provides solution based on Indian occult sciences, tantra, mantra (sometimes also known as  tona and totkas by the ignorant), So that common or uncommon people can be aware about the ancient spiritual and sacred Hindu texts, the base of Yog and the meaning of Tantra.

If the visitors of the website are interested in solutions regarding Dharma,  Artha, Kama and Moksha, they could interact with and have a guidance for their query if they are interested.

Do you really need to Go through this website?

There is no need to read further, if you fall in the "unwilling to do the hard work" category, I'm afraid No one can help you.

How much hard work?

May be at least 10 minutes on daily basis.

What if I don't like to or don't have even 10 minutes for you?

You are doing this for yourself and not for me/us.

You can buy some products on this website, go home and sleep. This website and procedures described need a little time and awareness in your busy routine.

Although money can't buy every thing, you still can buy some well prepared amulets for your daily life if you don't have enough time for the procedures described in this website.

Please tell me the Procedure to proceed further!

If you are buying something it is easy procedure.

See the Modes of Payment and Options.

If you want to learn you can email us.

What is the name for a Hindu teacher?

Acharya is the name of the Hindu teacher. The Acharya act as a guide or instructor in all (sometimes spiritual) matters. Acharya is also used to refer to a Hindu scholar.

What is the name for a Hindu religious teacher?

"Guru Dev" is the name for a Hindu spiritual teacher, master, preceptor or Enlightener.