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The best protector from evil is Lord Shiva. Only he can save and shield you. Aghora is one of Lord Shiva's furious forms.  What is the best & easiest and most strongest way to protect yourself & your loved one’s from evil eye witchcrafts and Black Magic and politics.

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Bhagyodaya Gutika is an amulet for good luck as described in Tantra. It includes yoga of mantras for vashikaran of Vedic, tantric and Aghor system. It Helps in financial problems and attraction.
Enchantment (Vashikaran) yogic power energy can be got by simply weraing it. This sanctified gutika absorb the nature mysterious qualities and is strongly suggested for spiritual uplift

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Kalaratri form of mother Durga is her seventh form in the sequence of Navaratra worship. Her bodily complexion is that of thick darkness and black. She has disheveled hair. A necklace flashing like lightning adorns her neck. She has three eyes, which are circular in the form like cosmic egg, which always eject rays shining like lightning. Terrible flames appear when she inhales or exhales air through her nostrils. Her vehicle is a donkey. Her raised right hand always seems to grant boons to all and sundry. Her right lower hand is in the pose of allaying fears. Her left upper hand holds a thorn-like weapon made of iron and in the lower left hand there is a dagger.

A form of mother, Kalaratri is extremely frightening to look at but she is always auspicious in effect. This is why she is otherwise known as Subhankari (doing good). So the devotees need not feel any fear from her.

On the seventh day of Navaratra the worship of Kalaratri form is prescribed by the scriptures. This day the mind of the striver reaches Sahasrara Cakra. For such a striver the door of all Siddhis of the universe start opening. This day the Sadhaka with all his faculties is identified with the mother Kalaratri. As a result of her direct vision the devotee becomes quite fit to earn all sorts of virtues. All his sins and obstacles in his way are completely destroyed. He attains the abodes, which are the fruit of inexhaustible virtues.

The mother, Kalaratri destroys the wicked. Danava, Daitya, Raksasa, Bhuta, Preta and all other evil spirits are terrified and run away as soon as the devotee remembers Kalaratri. She is also the remover of planetary evil effects. Her worshipper has no fear from fire, water, wild beings, enemy or night. By her grace he always remains unmindful of any fear.

By keeping her form in the heart and meditating on her the devotee must worship her single-mindedly. He should observe all Yamas, Niyamas and Samyamas (all rules and regulations). Purification of mind, words and body is essential in her worship. She is Subhankari. The auspicious effects emanating from her worship are innumerable.

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