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om swastik belpatra

Purpose of this website

Our Purpose is to provide basics and advance information on tantra and occult related fields. We provide accustomed tantrik amulets, charms, rosaries, methodology, solutions, rituals, knowledge and much more. Read Why, what, how and use of this web site?

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I'm not a preacher, neither I'm a pravachananand nor a katha vachak (narrator of mythological tales). I don't just teach Bhagvat or Geeta. I wear them. Yes, I'm a tantric Guru. I do Tantra. I do Yajnas, hypnosis and rituals needed for success, happiness and liberation.

Are You Struggling For Success?

Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र "weave" denoting continuity), tantricism or tantrism is a science or sadhana (spiritual practice) any of several esoteric traditions rooted in the religions of India. It is powerful (Hindu) ritual acts of body, speech, and mind. It exists in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain forms.

What are effects and causes of Real dark black magic spells

Do you know what is Black Magic Spell's effects and Causes? Due to jealousy, hate or some personal reason, the so called Tantrics use cheap but dark secret tactics to create the adversaries in someone's life which in turn ruins his/her life, known as Black Magic, Tantra prayog, mooth etc.

Dus Mahavidya

Mahavidya (Great Wisdoms) or Dasha-Mahavidyas are a group of ten aspects of the Divine Mother or Kali herself or Devi (in Hinduism). The 10 Mahavidya are Wisdom Goddesses, who represent a spectrum of feminine divinity, from horrific goddesses at one end, to the ravishingly beautiful at the other. The development of Mahvidyas represents an important turning point in the history of Shaktism as it marks the rise of Tantrik aspect in Shaktism.